From a Student’s Perspective

I am writing in response to the many letters that have been published in this forum about the proper way to applaud for girls at their high school plays.

However, I am writing from another perspective, as I am currently a student who has performed several times in these productions. Every year, my principal requests from both the students and the audience to please not catcall raucously.

It’s pretty clear that it ruins the play and lends itself to a spirit of hefkerus. We work for months to produce a professional production, and it is really a letdown when the aura is ruined by some people wildly cheering.

I have a message for all those who want to applaud for their friends, cousins, etc.: If you want to show us that you are enjoying it, don’t cheer. Applaud politely, but don’t cheer. Appreciate our efforts that we put into this play, and do your part to keep the aura of professionalism.

It’s very distressing when the play is repeatedly disturbed, and it’s also very hurtful to other girls when they hear just one name being called out.

I understand that all the “cheerers” are trying to show support, but during the performance is not the time. Bring balloons or flowers, or hang up a sign at home.

I’m speaking from the students’ point of view, so if the cheering is truly for us, take my advice: Don’t. It’s not appreciated.

A Bais Yaakov Girl