When Foreigners Interfere in a Free Election

The bizarre farce being played out by an indignant president energizing his national security personnel to unravel the Russian hacking accusations in the few weeks before his term of office expires, is symptomatic of the blatant hypocrisy in the many instances where the U.S. spent millions of dollars to do just that, as was so accurately featured in your editorial.

The no longer latent hostility toward Israel is currently on glaring display in Friday’s U.N. Security Council’s biased resolution which passed with no nay votes and the inexplicable and shameful decision by the U.S. to abstain. This is but the latest paradigm of the president’s pique and Secretary of State John Kerry’s peeve against Israel, thus belittling both of them.

In the highly volatile& region in which hundreds of thousands are brutally murdered and millions displaced, it is testament to a patently biased U.N. which finds the time and unanimity to harass and criticize Israel about settlements — a bogus issue since their alleged “illegality” is highly suspect.

Fay Dicker, Lakewood, N.J.