Fighting the Threats To Jewish Education

I would like to make two suggestions to fight the threats to Jewish education.

The first recommendation is to increase one’s kavanah while saying the words in Birchos HaTorah, V’haarev na Hashem Elokeinu es divrei Sorasecha b’finu uvefi amcha beis Yisrael, v’nihiyeh anachnu v’tze’etza’einu v’tze’etza’ei amcha bais Yisrael kulanu….…”&

The second recommendation is to live every day with the Gemara of “sheyehei shem Shamayim misaheiv al yadecha.

Together they are guaranteed to ensure that the powers that be conclude that all is well in the world of Jewish education and turn their attention elsewhere.

Rebbetzin S. Feldbrand