Fake News

In response to your editorial, “When Gullibility and Sensationalism Reign” (January 3, page 10), it is a regrettable sign& of our times when anonymous tweets and other social media are wildly successful in promoting “fake news” items.

Our present MSM — “mainstream media” — has evinced an almost total bias in favor of the& political left, to the detriment of more balanced and accurate opinion in our egregious, politically fractured reality.

How can any politician& continue to declare his innocence in a patently obvious lie when a video, available in this day and age, shows indisputable proof of his or her mendacity?

Truth and honesty have been sacrificed on the altar of expediency to allow all to proclaim fealty to the political party of choice without the bother of adhering to& what is fact and what is “fake news.”

Fay Dicker, Lakewood, N.J.