Every Step Along The Way

Mordechai Schiller’s column “Bursting the Psychobubble” (July 12, 2017) sparked a psychological flashback to the days of my psychobabble experiences.

I thought myself privileged as that was also my high school graduation year! Apparently, because music was a major influencing factor in our lives, that year had a greater impact than I had realized — one of universal meaning, rebellion and change.

I went on to university and world travel, experiencing all the changes and influences mentioned in Mr. Schiller’s article — from university anti-social and anti-establishment activities (a story in itself) to a three-month sailboat trip across the Atlantic Ocean (yet another story). The culmination of it all led to finding myself in the Holy Land, specifically Tel Aviv. Perhaps Tel Aviv has other choice descriptions, but it was there that I realized there was a G-d. The path of many years in the world of psychobabble had a purpose in my life. It was my path to my people and my G-d and ultimately to an enormously fulfilling lifestyle far beyond anything the former years could have ever predicted or expected.

Hashem has many ways of running His world. The ’60s are still very much a part of me. The memories and experiences have filtered to feelings of gratitude as well as amazing stories my grandchildren ask to hear again and again.

Thank you again, Mordechai Schiller, for moving something very deep within — the outcome being a realization of how much I and all of us owe the Alm-ghty for every step along the way.

Yisroel Idels, Toronto