Emergency Medical Conditions

Yasher Koach, Hamodia, for Ranit Mishori’s article about de-prescribing drugs. Since Hamodia often gets under my skin (pun intended) with its articles in favor of mandatory vaccinations, I have to write to compliment you this time on an article that shows the ugly downside of conventional medicine in general and the over-prescription of drugs in particular.

Drugs are now given for any and all “emergency medical conditions,” including the frightening “healthy woman giving birth” and the very serious “being a baby” and the high-risk “growing old.” Doctors regularly prescribe drugs for these “ailments.”

I will never forget when my three-year-old son (a few decades ago), who had asthma, needed to see a doctor. Our own doctor was out of town, so I had to take him to a different doctor, who took a look at my son’s record and had one question: “Why has he never been on antibiotics?” He just couldn’t fathom that we (with the help and support of our pediatrician) would deliberately choose to help our son’s immune system fight illness and become stronger on its own, rather than get the quick drug fix that weakens the immune system in the long run.

The only solution for the consumer is education. We have to educate ourselves, even if, as Mishori writes in Hamodia, doctors are not routinely educated about the dangers of drugs and the alternatives that are available.

More like this, Hamodia, please!

Rishe Deitsch, Senior Editor,
N’shei Chabad Newsletter