It is painfully ironic that the same Democrats who supposedly are at the forefront of the battle to obtain citizenship for Dreamers are now destroying the best chance to achieve this.

It is a matter of fundamental fairness that a law be passed that these men and women — whose parents brought them here illegally as children, but really know of no other country to call home — be allowed to stay. In many cases, these individuals speak only English, and are Americans in every way except legal status.

President Trump has recognized this reality and offered a plan to achieve this. Understandably, he wants to get something in exchange — a down-payment on his border wall, and end to the visa lottery, an end to chain immigration, etc.

Senator Schumer and his fellow Democrats have to realize that as the minority party, they are hardly in a position to try to do things unilaterally. Instead of pulling back on offers they already made, such as the $25 billion for the wall, they should sit down and negotiate in good faith, based on the premise that only if they agree to serious concessions in regard to the wall and other issues will DACA really happen.

Politics is all about compromise, and it is time Mr. Schumer realizes this. Come November, it will be the Democrats who will be held responsible for what happened to Dreamers.

Dovid Yakob, Brooklyn, NY