Dr. Emanuel Goldberg

I read your recent article on the history of photography (“When Did We Start Smiling for the Camera?” by Rhona Lewis, April 20).

Dr. Emanuel Goldberg was a major inventor in this and related fields such as information science and advanced optics. He was managing director of Zeiss Ikon in Dresden until the Nazis forced him out. He was later active in Israel.

He was involved with the first Contax 35 mm rangefinder camera and with movie technology.

Robert A. Miller, Indianapolis, Ind.

Rhona Lewis responds:

Thank you for sharing this information about Dr. Emanuel Goldberg with us.

Dr. Goldberg was an Israeli chemist, inventor and industrialist who contributed greatly to the development of imaging technology in the first half of the 20th century. But few people know this. In fact, it was Dr. Goldberg, not Vannervar Bush, who created the first desktop search engine. It was Dr. Goldberg, not Professor Zapp (a figment of J. Edgar Hoover’s imagination), who developed microdot technology. It was Dr. Goldberg, not Heinz Kueppenbender, who designed the famous Contax 35 mm camera.

Thank you for giving us the chance to give credit where credit is due and for sharing with our readers the facts about how a Jew contributed to the field of photography.