Don’t Trespass on Someone Else’s Mousehole … er… Property

Some time ago I took the liberty of writing to you [Mrs. Lichtenstein], the most highly esteemed frum media personality. It was concerning the unfortunately all-too-common but most deplorable problem here in Monsey: that of the common disregard for private property with the resultant (and excessive) trespassing without reshus from the property owner. To my great delight, you had your secretary call me back to tell me that you “totally agree” with me and hope to follow up on it! You, Mrs. Lichtenstein, are in the unique position to decide how to proceed to make our community/people aware that the present situation is very much against Halachah and actually considered geneivah (according to the Shulchan Aruch).

With warmest wishes for hatzlachah rabbah tamid; may your efforts bring Moshiach bimheirah biyameinu.

Rebbetzin Rivkah Rochel (Ruth) Finkelstein

P.S. To teach the above to our children, how I would love to write another Mendel the Mouse column! However, as a newly arrived nonagenarian, I don’t know if I can carry it off any more.