Don’t Get Into Hot Water

Since we are again approaching a three-day Yom Tov — with Shabbos following the first two days of Sukkos — I thought of sharing this helpful hint to help prevent accidental opening of the hot water faucet on Shabbos (more likely to happen when Shabbos follows Yom Tov). This suggestion can be used when one has two faucets.

Simply place a plastic cup over each hot water faucet. (I use the 5-oz. plastic cups.)

If one has a single handle that controls both the hot and cold water, one can wrap a rubber band over the faucet before Shabbos to remind oneself that one shouldn’t turn the faucet to the hot water side.

We place the cups over the hot water faucets every Shabbos, but it is an especially important reminder when Shabbos follows Yom Tov.

A gut Yom Tov and a gut gebentched yahr.

Mrs. R. Gotlieb