A Different Kind Of Challenge

I read your lovely letters related to shidduchim and was touched by the heartfelt truth that each one conveyed. They sparked in me the need to share something important.

To be an eishes chayil to someone who devotes himself to learning Torah is a dream, a real zechus and a source of pride. However, the real ideal is to accept what Hashem actually gave me, even if it is different from what I originally expected.

Hashem knows what my ultimate tafkid is, and that is the best. Why is that? I might never get to know, but I do know that accepting it will bring my private korban to Him, and I will be rewarded accordingly — much more than I could dream of.

A husband who is respected for whatever he manages to do transmits to his children real love of Torah. The next generation is protected by the excitement felt in the home when Abba is busy learning.

I was so prepared for the hard nisayon of devoting myself to a life of Torah! What happened when it didn’t work out? Could I say that I was not prepared for the hardship this challenge entails?

My life changed drastically — in my tefillos, in my closeness to Hashem — and I was rewarded more than anyone can imagine!

What I didn’t “get,” I actually got many times over. …

What people thought, what people think …

And if I waited a long time for this, it is only to prepare me to appreciate the gift. …

Let’s prepare our children for the beauty of learning Torah, for the beauty of devoting and sacrificing for Torah, and also transmit the emunah peshutah that gives strength to deal with the unknown even in the greatest of darkness, always remaining with the knowledge that only Hashem knows and only in His hands am I safest, and to know that no sacrifice goes unnoticed. The reward is to come!

A Caring Mother