Defending Kedushas HaKosel

Kudos on your comprehensive, continuing coverage of what is accurately being called the “Kosel crisis.” The guest editorial by Dr. Lebovics was right on target; while the Reform and Conservative movements are working overtime to spread misinformation, for all practical purposes, the silence in the Orthodox community is deafening!

Many of us are members of various Jewish organizations. This is an ideal time to call up these organizations and ask, point-blank: What is the lay leadership of your organization doing to defend kedushas haKosel?

When I called the organization I am a member of, the person I reached hemmed and hawed, and then referred me to a press release on the issue. I made it very clear that the answer was unacceptable, but all the secretary could do was pass along the message. But if enough of us call, they will have to be galvanized into action — and do something practical and tangible about it.

Shmuel Goldberg, Brooklyn