Correction to Timeline

I would like to insert a correction in the timeline of the El Al Israel Airlines strike mentioned in the article written last week by Rafael Hoffman. We took off with Delta Airlines from Eretz Yisrael on Wednesday night at 12:05 am. In our last communication with my mother, who was booked on El Al scheduled to leave at 12:45 am we learned that she was waiting by the gate with my youngest son and his wife to board the plane. When we turned on our phones after landing in New York there was a message that they had never boarded. The flight was initially delayed as the pilot had “called in sick” and then cancelled six hours later when subsequent pilots seemed to be stricken with the same malady and were “unavailable” to fly.

My mother and my son were given separate flights for the next day, but when they got to the airport, my son’s flight was cancelled again and my mother’s was ‘delayed.’ My son told El Al that he could not prolong his stay and they must transfer his and my mother’s ticket to the next flight out, which was Delta. After long, tiring and very difficult negotiations, the transfer was allowed. They were given their suitcases and boarded the Delta flight in the nick of time, arriving early Friday morning.

So the ‘strike’ did not start on Sunday, it had already started on Thursday.

Esther Horowitz