Community View

Thank you for the opportunity to express my very strong feelings about something that I consider a terrible avlah. Perhaps something can be done to rectify it.

Of course collecting tzedakah is a very important mitzvah, especially on Purim — but why should it sometimes be a mitzvah habaah biyedei aveirah? Why do some groups feel it necessary to go through the streets after midnight (sometimes as late as one or two a.m.!) with music blaring? It is so loud that I can hear it when the minibus is all the way down the block! I can only imagine what it does to the hearing of the bachurim inside… Consider the gezel sheinah that this causes, something that is impossible to make up to someone (and many people like to daven vasikin on Purim morning, so they go to sleep early the night before). I am sure I am far from the only one who is troubled by this.

But even worse is the chillul Hashem. As much as we might forget it, even in the large, bustling Jewish communities, we are in galus! There are still plenty of non-Jewish neighbors who are not celebrating a holiday and deserve our consideration. (And please don’t tell me about neighbors who may at times have their own loud parties or drive down the block with music blaring at two a.m. They did not stand at Har Sinai or receive a mandate to be an ohr lagoyim!)

Purim spirit? Music and festivities? By all means. But not when it comes at such an expense…

Devorah Goodman, Brooklyn, NY