Cheerleading Squad

In response to the letter titled “Dear Mothers” (Features, February 6, 2019).

Since you addressed the letter to me, I feel that I need to respond. You see, it was my fun-loving daughters and their rather large group of cousins who were cheering on their cousins who were performing.

First, if the cheering disturbed you personally, I’m sorry. But did the cheering disturb the “aura” of the production? That’s debatable.

In my opinion, when teenage girls act on stage, an appropriate cheering response from supporters and admirers in the audience feels very heartwarming.

If you disagree with me, that’s okay. But don’t write off those girls. If you were to need a chair, a drink of water, or a tissue, these upbeat and energetic girls would be the first to run and get it for you. I know, because I am working hard at raising them.

As a community, we need to encourage teenagers to give off their energy in positive ways, as opposed to constricting them in every possible way and then having to deal with the repercussions.

Proud Mother of the Cheerleading Squad

The “distraught grandmother” noted that the principal asked the girls numerous times not to cheer or jeer.