My father, shlita, recently spent a few weeks at the Boro Park Center for Rehabilitation. No one should ever need it, but it is a well-run, professional, compassionate institution. The added peace of mind in knowing that kashrus, minyanim and shiurim are provided is priceless.

One of the secret ingredients that infuses the patients of the home with extra cheer and stamina is the esteemed in-house Rav, Rabbi Aaron Wajsfeld. It is a sight to behold how much care, feeling, thoughtfulness and attentiveness he displays as he interacts with patients.

He has an uncanny ability to make everyone feel — and every task seem — so dignified. When the unexpected hits, his smile and seichel hayashar diffuse the situation.

Shabbos defies description. Whether during the tefillos, saying a drashah, at the Friday night seudah, or at the daytime kiddush, his genuineness and ingenuity are a true kiddush Hashem.

He has a true partner in his chashuve Rebbetzin; there is no doubt that the Rav’s success is due in no small part to his Rebbetzin’s support and partnership.

We benefited immensely from their kindness and wanted to publicly say yeyasher kochachem. Hakadosh Baruch Hu should repay them with kol tuv always.

David Blau