Careful With COVID

I have been especially grateful for Hamodia’s continuing excellent coverage during these challenging times. Therefore, I was surprised and, frankly, disappointed when I saw the cartoon on page 93 of the national edition.

Leaving aside the anti-Trump nature of the cartoon (the cartoonist is notoriously anti-Trump), its implications regarding hydroxychloroquine are generally troubling and, for me, quite upsetting.

I survived a particularly severe case of COVID-19. My fever had risen to close to 104 degrees and was continuing to rise. The hospital sent me home saying there was nothing it could do for me besides a prescription for an antibiotic that did nothing. Fortunately, my doctor then prescribed the hydroxy, Zpac and zinc combination. Within 36 hours of starting this treatment the fever broke and I recovered, baruch Hashem. I am convinced that this medication literally saved my life.

Unfortunately, if the cartoon persuades one reader who contracts COVID-19 to forego the treatment and then succumbs….

If Hamodia could issue a statement regarding the cartoon and hydroxy that would correct these incorrect implications, that would be greatly appreciated.

Stay well.

Name Withheld

Thank you for your letter. The cartoons we publish, which reflect a wide range of political opinions, represent the views of the artists who draw them, and not necessarily those of Hamodia. Our decision to publish this specific cartoon should not be misinterpreted as our taking a position on the ongoing medical debate on the merits of using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients.