Cancel the Tickets

While the Federal government was distributing stimulus checks to do something to help Americans cope with the crushed economy, the city of New York’s sanitation department was distributing tickets to quarantined homeowners for litter on the streets that the sanitation department didn’t clean in weeks.

Thank you to our local and state representatives for raising an outcry about this inappropriate ticketing of city residents during the last week or two, as reported recently on

It was shocking to my husband and myself when we received two tickets last week for observations of wind-blown litter. During our more than 30 years as homeowners in New York city, we have only received one or two summonses.

It is unfair to burden hard-working taxpayers with tickets for city litter, especially when garbage collection has been erratic, street-cleaning totally absent, and recycling pickup done once in two weeks (in our area) at best.

We expect these tickets to be dismissed, as our elected representatives stated.

R. Roth