Burial Place of The Baal Shem of Michelstadt

This past Shabbos, we were catching up on our reading from before Yom Tov.

We were reading the “This Day in History” column in the Features section (Sept. 13, 2018/Parashas Vayelech) about the Baal Shem of Michelstadt. The article stated that the& Baal Shem of Michelstadt, Reb Zeckel Leib Wormser, was buried in Worms. We would like to point out the following correction.

This past summer, my wife, son and I went to Germany to be mispallel at both the& Baal Shem of Michelstadt’s kever and the kever of Eliyahu Baal Shem (the Aderes Eliyahu).

The Baal Shem of Michelstadt is buried in Michelstadt. The Aderes Eliyahu/Eliyahu Baal Shem is buried in Worms.

Thank you,

Boruch Adler, New York, NY