Brexit Bias?

There seems to be a strong sense of bias in your newspaper towards remaining in the EU. There are often “chareidi quotes” confirming many so-called suspicions of Brexit, frequently without any real names. It came to a head two weeks ago with the fearmongering from a chareidi Brexit supporter warning of social unrest which will inevitably turn to anti-Semitism.

For anyone who is chareidi, there are so many issues that would make a real case for leaving the EU and the bloc of laws, open borders, etc. But this will not be a long letter explaining all these details, it will just be a plea for fair and balanced reporting.

Thank you,

Y.W., London

Author’s response: Thank you for your letter. We are attempting to remain neutral on this topic. We are surprised at your comment about fearmongering, as this was not at all the intention of the commentator. In fact, he meant completely the opposite and was reiterating his support for a speedy Brexit.