‘Blinded by Hate’

I read with interest your well-written and important editorial (“Blinded by Hate,” Features, April 3, 2019).

But I don’t think too many anti-Semites are reading Hamodia. Such an article should have been published in each and every newspaper, social website, and blog — in England and the whole Western world as well.

Only 70 years ago, Hitler succeeded in turning his people into vicious murderers only through brainwashing them for 15 years with all kinds of nonsensical libels and conspiracy theories about the Jews.

And that’s exactly what the few crazy, blind anti-Semites are trying to do. It might take them even less than 15 years, with today’s communication technology in place.

It’s the masses that get brainwashed and can execute their wills that we have to be afraid of.

Therefore we have to fight brainwash with brainwash. I know this is not easy or cheap, because hatred and lies do spread like wildfire — for free. But goodness and truth you have to publicize, and it costs money.

I wish all the powerful Jewish organizations and the Israeli government, instead of complaining and protesting and trying to fight blind anti-Semites like Jeremy Corbyn, would rather publish and spread for the non-Jewish masses articles like yours, articles and blog posts that would elaborate truthfully the good of the Jewish people, the Jewish faith, all the Jews have done and all they do to contribute to the wellbeing of mankind, as well as contradict all lies and conspiracy theories with common sense. As illustrated at the beginning of the next article by Rabbi Shafran in the same issue (“Blessed Bang for the Buck”).

This might be the only way, with Hashem’s help, that we can do anything to cool down the hatred toward us Jews and avoid the next holocaust.

Otherwise, our future looks very frightening — Hashem yishmor — for whoever knows the bitter history of what happened knows the circumstances that led up to the Holocaust and the turning of all nations against us.

As a simple Jew, what can I do more than express my thoughts to you? But maybe you, the English Hamodia, could approach and wake up whoever has it in his power to do what’s needed.

Y. Z., Boro Park