Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Thank you so much for always being one step ahead. I found the Lyme article, “Ticked Off” (July 5), to be an extremely informative and well-balanced view on treatments of chronic Lyme disease.

Since Lyme disease is so debilitating and tick bites are more prevalent this year than ever, people should do constant checks on themselves and their kids. It is also very important to note that if you suspect the tick has been embedded in your skin for 24 hours or more, it should be sent away for testing. Most physicians can do that for you. If the tick comes back positive for Lyme, or if you start experiencing any symptoms of illness, do not hesitate to take medication. It is better to err on the side of caution. Early detection and treatment is the best cure for Lyme disease!

It is a myth that all Lyme disease starts with a rash and/or fever. I actually suffered from mild cardiac symptoms, fatigue and headaches within days of receiving a tick bite and I’m glad I treated it immediately. Everyone reacts differently.

Safe summer to all!