Better Late Than Herring

Mordechai Schiller’s language column “Going Through a Phrase” is one of the first things I look at when I open the paper.

Actually, the very first column I read is Misaskim, to see (a) if I’m there (hopefully not), and (b) if any of my myriad creditors are listed. …

After reading Mr. Schiller’s column “Time Whorf” (July 5, 2017), it looks as if his ship finally came in.

Incidentally, I’m not too good with time, either. I’m not like my intrepid friend who eats After Eight mints at six o’clock.

I get the impression that Mr. Schiller, b”H, has a relaxed demeanor and that really his name is Mordechai S. Chiller. Clearly, he does not follow those who live by the rule: “Better never than late.”

Still, I really enjoy Mr. Schiller’s column and look forward to Wednesdays when the weekly comes out. I don’t mean to put pressure, but any week that his column is not featured, I have to pacify myself and I run out and buy a tub of herring.

Chaim Goldstein, Brooklyn, N.Y.