Being Menachem Avel

When being menachem avel

Please don’t bring along your boys,

To play here and mess up our toys.

Your baby’s babbling is pretty distracting,

When our relative’s last moments we are enacting.

The people here can have short fuses,

Finding dirty diapers in the bathroom which everyone uses.

When talking about death it’s hard to condone,

If you respond to your noisy (i)phone.

Turn it off before coming in the door.

And honor the purpose that shivah is for.

For information please don’t try,

To ask questions that will pry

Non-shivah relatives also care.

They, too, need a listening ear.


Please don’t ask the family to pay,

For your car service to take you away.


When shivah is over every night,

Please don’t arrive and put up a fight.&

The family really wants to go to bed,

And gear up for another loooong day ahead.


When you say to the aveilim: “Tell me about your mother,

“Your father, sister, husband, or brother…”

When you listen respectfully as they describe the neshamah,

You give the aveilim a true nechamah.

In The Year of Mourning

For an avel, there is an inyan,

To find an amud for every minyan.

To each shul he must beg and ask,

In all aveilus, this can be the hardest task.

Soooo, if he is shy or off-key, or just had a bad day,

He is still davening anyway!

Say a kind word, don’t add to the tzaros.

May Yidden need no more kapparos.

Mrs. Ilana Orange, The Kiddush Hashem Gemach