Battling Bacteria

It was with great interest that I read the amazing and well-written article “Battling Bacteria-Back to Square One,” by Rachel Isaacson. I found it to be extremely relevant and important to all of us. The article struck a personal chord in me since I’ve recently heard of quite a number of people succumbing to previously treatable infections, R”l. This comprehensive feature described the seriousness of the “superbug” phenomenon, and opened my eyes to a reality that seems to be manifesting itself in our current time.

Hamodia is the publication that I turn to for exclusive articles such as this one. Please keep them coming!

Miriam K

As a longtime sufferer of a variety of ailments for which I have taken multiple antibiotics over many years, I read with fascination and with concern, your article “Battling Bacteria: Back to Square One?” by Rachel Isaacson.

This article has been a real eye-opener for me as to the dangers in developing resistance to antibiotics and the resultant serious consequences — especially in light of my own medical situation.

I have decided that I will be more cautious in my use of antibiotics and might instead explore using alternative methods, where possible.

I wish to add that reading about scientific research being conducted to combat antibiotic resistance was comforting to me.

Thank you, Hamodia, for a great and timely article on such an important issue.

Sincerely, Raizel Weitzman

Mrs. Isaacson Replies:

“Battling Bacteria: Back to Square One?” does not advocate for patients to themselves determine if they should desist from taking antibiotics, or remain on antibiotics in treating a bacterial infection. I strongly urge that one should always follow the guidance of a competent physician for any recommended course of medical therapies.

Moreover, my article’s aim was not to suggest for patients to explore alternative routes, [which may harbor their own risks] but rather to report on the pervasiveness and gravity of multi-drug antibiotic resistant superbugs which primarily stem from abuse or misuse of antibiotics.

I wish you well.

Rachel Isaacson