Article Disapproval Rating

I read with great dismay and disappointment the conclusion of the article written by Mordechai Schmutter in the Prime magazine preceding the presidential elections; dismay at what the author wrote and disappointment in Hamodia for printing it.

The author concludes his piece by speaking not only negatively about both candidates but by casting aspersions on President Trump. In his description of the President’s character, Mr. Schmutter concludes that the President is “a little bit racist.”

Did the author bring any proof for making such an assertion about the President? Has Hamodia ever printed a news article which indicates any substance in Mr. Schmutter’s character analysis of the President? I certainly do not recall any such article. Did neither the author nor Hamodia think that such a negative statement could influence voters days before the election?

I hope that this letter, if you decide to print it, will be read at the start of the next four years of the Trump presidency. But if Hashem wills it otherwise, then the President should know that we greatly appreciate all that he has accomplished, and also that many, I’m sure, greatly disapprove of Mr. Schmutter’s remark and of Hamodia for publishing it.

Avraham Martin, Tzfas

Mr. Schmutter replies:

That’s my point! People have blinders to one side or the other so that they don’t notice that I made fun of both candidates, to the point where I can say a line that is true of basically everyone to some degree and someone will still write in. Now I’m looking for someone on the other side to write in yelling that the video I referenced of Joe Biden sleeping during an interview was fake. Anyone? Anyone?

Editor’s note: Mr. Schmutter is a humor columnist, not an opinion writer.