An American in Yerushalayim

This letter is long overdue. The reading material that you provide for Klal Yisrael is uplifting, varied, interesting, and befitting an Am Kadosh. I specifically want to commend you on “An American in Yerushalayim” by Dov Fuchs.

It is very simple to relate to what he says and to want to live up to his example. And what an example he sets — to do the retzon Hashem in the most ehrliche way, to always seek and follow daas Torah, and to regard each person as a tzelem Elokim, worthy of our respect and concern.

He never preaches, just gently nudges us along the path of striving to be better people, better Yidden. His meaningful articles make a most profound and hopefully an enduring impact.

Thank you, Dov Fuchs.& Thank you, Hamodia.

Mrs. Mashie Richards