Amazon Prime & Deepfakes

I came home this Wednesday and found two things on my front steps: My weekly Hamodia was waiting for me, along with a package from Amazon. I picked up Hamodia and noticed that the cover story on the Prime magazine was about deepfakes, a concept I had never heard of before. I quickly scanned the piece for a general idea of this interesting phenomenon, and then I set down Hamodia to open the Amazon package. In it, I found a copy of the newly released AP Stylebook for 2019, released just last week. I write, so I had preordered the annual edition of the writer’s staple last week, and it was now in my hands. I opened it up to the first page, where they list a synopsis of the new, pertinent entries added since last year. This page generally contains the most current and relevant topics, related to the most trendy and up-to-date news items. I scanned the list, and one new entry popped out at me: “Deepfake.”
Always interesting, yet always current. That’s Hamodia.

Yitzy Stern, Staten Island