Amazing Pesach Seder

Dear Editor,

I was zocheh to experience the first Pesach Seder held in Dr. Rothschild’s Maayanai Hayeshua hospital in Bnei Brak. Our fifth child (ka”h) was born there twenty seven and a half years ago on the day before Pesach. Having not had the most pleasant experiences at a well-known hospital in Tel Aviv, I was eager to try out the new frum place closer to home. (We lived in Bnei Brak at the time.)

Most important, Maayanai Hayeshua was as professional as the Tel Aviv facility. I felt the medical care, nursing staff, equipment, hygiene, etc., were all on par. Of course, Dr. Rothschild wanted his hospital to be much more than the typical medical center. He wanted it to reflect the strict religious values of the city in which he built it. This was obvious from the moment my husband and I entered the building.

A guard at the entrance asked us to dispose of any chametz that we might have had with us. There were strips of masking tape with the words “Kasher L’Pesach” on cabinets and doors throughout the buildings. A few hours before the Chag, two of Dr. Rothschild’s teenage daughters came to each of us new mothers and asked politely if we might by any chance still have chametz in our belongings (since we had all arrived a day or two before Pesach). Also, I was particularly grateful for the tzniusdig hospital gowns we were given.

The Pesach Seder was amazing. Dr. Rothschild, his wife, and a young son sat at a table and ran the Seder as if they were at home. At each table for us new moms were plates holding all the simanim of Ashkenazim and Sephardim so everyone should feel comfortable. It was a warm and truly beautiful and meaningful Seder.

In short, I remember feeling that Maayanei Hayeshua was being run the way all hospitals would be in the time of Moshiach. Dr. Roshschild was a giant and a pioneer and a tzaddik all in one.

S. E. (Bnei Brak-Flatbush)