‘Abolition of Boundaries’

The guest editorial by Dayan Chaim Kohn (Hamodia Prime, July 1), is very articulate in describing the ongoing chaos that has been brewing and festering in America (and the world at large) for some time, and has found what appears to be a legitimate venue in which to explode.

Throughout the many difficult trials and tribulations as a nation, we have persevered, and, baruch Hashem, we are here!

Am Yisrael must continue to live b’simchas chaim, with full bitachon that Hakadosh Baruch Hu will protect us, yet being fully aware of the situation around us and doing our hishtadlus.

From our earliest chinuch, we are taught that it is our tafkid to be ambassadors to the world in how to live as human beings. It is our duty to exemplify the middos of morality, honesty, decency, respect and kindness (chessed).

Let us begin by acknowledging and applauding the many acts of chessed that are going on all around us during this challenging time.

Hamodia has been outstanding in publicizing these actions, in our own communities and beyond!

Let us continue to daven and thank Hakadosh Baruch Hu for taking care of us and guiding us to live our lives b’simchas chaim in spite of the challenges all around us.

Let us accentuate the positive, and the negative will fade away!

A Grateful Great-Grandmother