A Plea for Circumspection

Three years ago, no one would have believed that a Muslim country would shake hands with Israel. It was completely beyond our conception; even countries that were not actively hostile toward Israel held back from overt partnership. Was it the danger from other Muslim nations that prevented them? Was it public opinion? Was it a religious stricture? It may have been any or all of these.

But this year, through Hashem’s chessed, an agreement has been reached between Israel and the wealthy, tolerant United Arab Emirates. Now the two countries aim to cooperate on business, energy, security, and many other shared interests. Who could have foreseen this? It is truly an astonishing breakthrough and a hopeful precedent.

However, it is important to remember the lessons from another echoing event this year. We do not know what the future will bring. It is important to take the promises of politicians with a grain of salt, knowing that, ultimately, the only One Whose decisions matter in this and every situation is Hashem. It is our task not to jabber about our expectations of this new political deal, but to pray to the only King for blessings and the benefit of Klal Yisrael.

Basya Klinger