SugarVeil Icing is a dry icing mixture that can be used in many ways to decorate cakes, cookies and desserts. Mixing boiling water with SugarVeil powder creates a new variety of decorative icing: one which combines the fine detail of royal icing, the flexibility of buttercream and the piping ease of whipped cream in one amazing product. SugarVeil may be spread on a mold or piped. You can work with it on or off the cake, and when it is set, it can be cut with scissors and draped like fabric onto or around a cake or plated dessert. SugarVeil contains no additives or preservatives, and is gluten-free and OU pareve.

When using SugarVeil, some advance planning is required as it needs to rest for a day or two before using the lace Confectioners’ Mats. Beat SugarVeil again for a full minute before using it on the mat the next day. When spreading, the mat may look as though it is completely covered, but it is important to spread SugarVeil repeatedly lengthwise, crosswise, and diagonally to be sure you got into all the tiny lines.

The amount of time needed for the icing to set once it has been piped or molded is also dependent on humidity, and may be anywhere from 15 minutes in an air-conditioned environment, to overnight. It is best to use SugarVeil on a day that has low humidity.

Paste food colors and flavors may be added to the SugarVeil mixture. Mix the color with the dry SugarVeil before adding water. While the package directions suggest mixing the SugarVeil and water for four minutes in your mixer, decorating professionals have found that mixing for 10 minutes will help avoid pitfalls that may occur when using SugarVeil in a place that has higher humidity levels. And since the extended mixing time will not harm the mixture, we think it’s a good rule of thumb.

The easiest way to use SugarVeil is by spreading it on a lace mat. The mats are very thin and flat to achieve the lacey open-work look that is desired when using SugarVeil. Use an offset spatula to spread the mixture as evenly as possible across the mat. Use a bench scraper or longer spatula to scrape away any excess mixture and allow it to set. When removing the SugarVeil from the mat or parchment, you can dust your fingers with corn or potato starch, and even lightly dust the decorations for easier handling. Peel the lace carefully from the mat. If you are not directly placing the set SugarVeil onto a cake, be sure to store the decorations between parchment sheets in a zipped bag to keep out the humidity.

In order to dry out the air, which will allow SugarVeil to set faster, you need dry heat. A good solution to setting SugarVeil in high humidity is to simply place the decorations into an oven set low. Other cake decorators suggest actually baking the SugarVeil lace decorations for a bit of time to add strength and stability to the pieces.

If after spreading the lace you have left it to set for too long and it has started to dry, or if after removing a corner you discover that it is too thin, spread SugarVeil again over the lace and scrape cleanly. This second layer will strengthen and moisten partially-dried lace, and will set quickly.

While working, keep unused SugarVeil mixture in a closed container to keep it from drying.

We are really excited by this product and love that you can create amazingly beautiful decorations with a few simple steps!