The Odd Side – August 4, 2015

German Mechanic Wins Pay for Changing, But Not for Showers

BERLIN (AP) — A German court says a municipal bus mechanic can have hundreds of euros (dollars) in back pay for time spent changing into his work clothes — but not for time he spent showering.

The state labor court in Duesseldorf said the man and the local transport authority in Oberhausen reached a settlement Monday that will see him get 375 euros ($412) to cover the 10 minutes per day that he spent changing into and out of his uniform over a seven-month period last year.

The plaintiff also had sought to be paid for a daily 10 minutes spent in the shower after work, But the court questioned whether that could be counted as time on the job and also wondered “whether 10 minutes is not too long for a shower

Massachusetts Woman’s Chicken Getting $2,500 Prosthetic Leg

CLINTON, Mass. (AP) — This chicken leg isn’t for eating.

A hen owned by a Massachusetts woman who specializes in chicken rehabilitation and rescue is getting fitted with a prosthetic leg Wednesday at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

Andrea Martin, of Clinton, tells The Telegram & Gazette she is paying for the $2,500 operation out of her own pocket. She says the alternative is euthanization.

The chicken, named Cecily, was born with a damaged tendon in the leg that makes it useless.

The surgery will begin when Emi Knafo, a specialist in avian orthopedics, will amputate Cecily’s right leg.

After a 10- to 14-day recovery period, the prosthetic, made on a 3-D printer, will be fitted.

Similar surgery has been performed on a rooster and duck, though not at Tufts.

Ohio Man Must Spend Two Days In Jail for Petting Zoo Cougars

CLEVELAND (Reuters) – An Ohio man who posted a video of himself petting cougars at a Columbus zoo appealed no contest to a trespassing charge on Wednesday and has to spend two days in jail and pay more than $200 in fines, court documents said.

Joshua Newell, 35, jumped an outer fence to gain access to another fenced-in enclosure and called the cougars to him in order to pet them, the documents said.

Newell enticed the animals by calling “Here, kitty, kitty,” and “That’s a good kitty.”

Newell was charged last week with criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to four days in jail, with two days suspended.

A representative for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium was not immediately available for comment.

This is the second time this year that a zoo patron in the state was charged with trespassing. In June, Michelle Schwab was sentenced to a year of probation for a similar charge after dropping her two-year-old son into a cheetah exhibit at the Cleveland zoo in April.

Former 41-Pound Fat Cat in Texas Slims Down to 19 Pounds

DALLAS, Tex. (AP) — A former 41-pound cat, dubbed Skinny, has lost more than half of his weight to become the darling of a Dallas veterinary clinic.

Dr. Brittney Barton says the orange tabby she adopted in 2013 has slimmed down to 19 pounds with exercise and a special diet. Barton calls Skinny the “resident cat” at her practice, HEAL Veterinary Hospital.

Barton said Friday that Skinny spends weekdays roaming the clinic. However, the cat spends his weekends at home with Barton and her family.

Skinny was found abandoned near Dallas in 2012 and ended up at a shelter. The vet says Skinny just had his annual checkup and is healthy.

Barton says Skinny is living proof that while he’s supposed to be a large cat, “he’s not supposed to be an obese cat.”

Stowaway Cat ‘Lucky’ to Be Alive In Sunken Boat

PHOENIX (Reuters) – A brown and black shorthair cat now named “Lucky” is one fortunate feline after managing to survive while trapped under water for at least an hour inside a sunken powerboat in Arizona.

Dive Time Recovery owner Jon Zuccala said he was called to the scene by authorities on Saturday afternoon to hoist the boat to the shore from the lake’s bottom. The boat was then towed to his shop,  where a mechanic went to work the next morning to flush out the engine.

“The cat just darted out when he opened up the hatch,” Zuccala said. “She was wet, scared, thirsty, but she was alive.”

Lucky’s quick escape proved problematic, as the 10-pound (5.5 kg) plus cat became wedged into some upholstery on the boat before again being set free.

Just how the cat became trapped inside a storage compartment at the boat’s bow has not been determined. Zuccala said the boat’s owner is from Orange County, California, and he reported that he does not even own a cat.

Zuccala said no one heard a sound, not even a meow, until the cat sprang to freedom and was taken to the Western Arizona Humane Society.

Originally named River by a volunteer, the cat was given the more fitting name of Lucky by the society’s executive director, Patty Gillmore.

Gillmore said the feline was doing well, but was a bit anti-social with the other animals.

If she is not claimed by her owner by Thursday morning, a local woman with ties to the shelter wants to adopt her, Gillmore said.

Owl With an Attitude Wins Face-Off With Deputy

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — A Boulder County sheriff’s deputy got into a face-off with an owl with an attitude, and the owl won.

Deputy Sophie Berman came across the raptor on a dirt road on Tuesday as Berman patrolled an area near a campground west of Boulder.

Berman crouched down to take video of the owl. He also spoke to the owl, which answered Berman’s words with “clicks.”

The owl stared wide-eyed at the deputy for a few minutes before turning around and flying away.