The Odd Side – April 4, 2017

Highway Salad: Crash Covers German Autobahn in Vegetables

BERLIN (AP) – A stretch of Germany’s autobahn has been partially shut down after a truck carrying 15 tons of vegetables tipped over, spilling its contents across the highway near the eastern city of Magdeburg.

Police said the truck went off the A14 autobahn and hit a highway bank last Sunday morning, causing the trailer to tip over and strew its load of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers across the road, the dpa news agency reported. The truck’s driver and passenger were not hurt in the accident.

A southbound section of the German highway has been shut down so crews can clean up the mess.

J is not OK — Swiss Court Nixes Letter as Baby’s Name

BERLIN (AP) – J is not OK — as a name, that is, according to a Swiss court.

The Zurich administrative court said in a ruling released Tuesday it had upheld a local registry’s office decision to reject the letter as a given name in the best interests of the child, Switzerland’s 20 Minuten news website reported.

The court rejected the parents’ argument they wanted to honor their daughter’s great-grandparents Johanna and Josef with the initial as one of her middle names, saying they could have chosen the already-accepted Jo instead.

Though the parents wanted to pronounce the name “Jay,” the court noted the letter is pronounced “Yott” in German, creating confusion. The court also said people would be inclined to put a period after the J, though it wasn’t an abbreviation.

Missing Cat Ends Up In Canada Years Later

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A cat that went missing in California 2 ½ years ago has shown up many miles away in Canada.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that BooBoo the cat went missing in August 2014 in Watsonville, California. Last week, the tabby showed up in southeastern Canada, about 3,000 miles from home.

When BooBoo arrived at Guelph Humane Society in Ontario, she hardly looked like a grizzled traveler. Executive Director Adrienne McBride says BooBoo is in “fantastic shape.” In fact, she might need to go on a diet when she gets home.

How did BooBoo reach Canada? Owner Ashley Aleman suspects BooBoo hitched a ride. The cat was identified by a microchip.

Animal protection officers will carry the cat across the border Friday.

Driver Runs Out of Gas Again After Stealing Squad Car

TULARE, S.D. (AP) – Troy James, who called for help after running out of gas, is accused of stealing a deputy’s squad car in South Dakota and leading authorities in a pursuit before once again running out of fuel.

Officials say James called for assistance early Monday on Highway 281 near the town of Tulare. Sheriff Kevin Schurch tells the Aberdeen American News the responding deputy tried to detain James, who pushed the officer out of the squad and took off. The South Dakota Highway Patrol and other officers joined in pursuit. James was eventually caught about 140 miles away.