Odd Side – November 5, 2019

Girl Scout Leader: Man Takes Her Troop’s Plastic Flamingos

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) – A Girl Scout leader in Ohio says someone took 50 plastic flamingos her troop was using to raise money.

Leader Jessica Husted provided the Springfield News-Sun surveillance footage of a man jumping out of a truck this weekend in Springfield, yanking the pink birds worth about $200 from a lawn and riding away with them. Husted said the worst part was that the man marred the girls’ efforts.

The 10- to 12-year-olds in Troop 30037 have been “flocking” homeowners’ lawns with the birds to solicit donations for a trip to Savannah, Georgia, Girls Scouts’ birthplace. Homeowners can donate money, and the girls pick up the birds and place them in another person’s yard of their choosing.

Un-Bear-Able! Cubs Get Locked in Van, Honk Horn to Get Out

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (AP) – Two bear cubs were rescued after they locked themselves in a van and then honked the horn for help.

News reports say security technician Jeff Stokely had parked his van outside a customer’s home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and went to work. Soon he heard a horn honking and realized it was his van. He went back to the van and was surprised when he saw two small bear cubs locked inside and repeatedly hitting the horn.

Stokely says the cubs must have climbed in through the driver side door and then locked themselves by hitting the lock button.

Stokely took video and photos of the cubs before opening a door to let them out.

He says he didn’t see Mama Bear nearby.

Woman Hides in Store’s Ceiling to Avoid Shoplifting Arrest

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. (AP) – A Florida woman faces multiple charges after authorities say she climbed into the ceiling of a Big Lots store to avoid a shoplifting arrest.

A Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office news release says 37-year-old Kristina Perkins went into the store’s restroom on Friday and removed some tiles so she could climb into the ceiling.

Deputies removed tiles from several spots in a five-hour effort to catch Perkins. The news release says she ignored commands to come down and instead moved to other sections of the ceiling. A deputy stayed behind when the search was called off and saw Perkins climbing down from the ceiling.

She was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, petty theft and resisting law enforcement. A lawyer wasn’t listed on jail records.

California Crooks Steal Duffel Bag Full of Snakes

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – Call it serpent surprise. Or a snake mistake.

A California reptile lover says thieves who made off with his duffel bag probably thought they were taking swag.

But it was full of snakes.

Brian Gundy, who breeds and sells reptiles through his business, For Goodness Snakes, had given a presentation at Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose on Saturday and left his gear in a parking garage to retrieve his car.

When he returned, he found that a duffel bag containing three pythons and a lizard was gone.

Gundy tells KRON two snakes were later found in a dumpster but he’s worried about the safety of the other reptiles.

He’s filed a police report and hopes garage surveillance video will help catch the thieves.

Plane Hits Car in Emergency Landing on Road; No Major Injury

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) – A plane crash turned into a traffic crash when a small aircraft having engine trouble made an emergency landing on an Ohio roadway and rear-ended a car near an intersection.

The two pilots aboard the plane and the driver in the BMW weren’t seriously hurt in the Thursday afternoon crash. It happened a couple miles from an airport just south of Dayton.

State Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Kramer says the 1979 Piper fixed-wing, single-engine plane had trouble as it was returning to the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport. The pilot then aimed to land in a cornfield but worried about avoiding some power lines, so she switched plans to try for the roadway.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what happened.