The Odd Side – March 29, 2016

2 Indiana Bakeries Feud Over 4-Sided Doughnuts

MERRILLVILLE, Ind. (AP) – Two Indiana bakeries share a love for four-sided doughnuts, but one of them believes there is room for only one square doughnut-maker.

According to the Post-Tribune, Valparaiso-based Family Express asked a court Thursday to declare that it can continue to call its products “Square Donuts.”

But Terre Haute-based Square Donuts, which has been making its doughnuts since the 1960s and has nine locations, wants Family Express to cut it out.

Family Express started making its version in 2005, and a year later, Square Donuts sent Family Express a cease-and-desist letter.

The low-level disagreement fermented quietly for several years until Square Donuts in 2013 trademarked its name.

Family Express contacted Square Donuts to try to reach an agreement over the name, but those talks went nowhere.

Bail Set at $50,000 for Man Who Spent a Day in Seattle Tree

SEATTLE (AP) – A man who perched near the top of an 80-foot sequoia tree in downtown Seattle for a day was ordered held on $50,000 bail.

Cody Lee Miller, 28, was arrested on suspicion of mischief.

A judge set the bail amount Friday, a day after Miller declined to appear in court.

Miller climbed to the top of the conifer last Tuesday and stayed for about 25 hours, ignoring police efforts to coax him down much of the time. He threw apples and branches at responders.

A probable-cause statement from the police made public Thursday says an urban forester with the city’s Transportation Department pegged damage to the tree at about $7,800.

Woman Convicted of Working For 10 Years as Unlicensed Attorney

HUNTINGDON, Pa. (AP) – A former president of a county bar association has been convicted of using forged documents to pose as an estate lawyer for a decade even though she didn’t have a law license.

Kimberly Kitchen was convicted Thursday on charges of forgery, unauthorized practice of law and felony records tampering in Huntingdon County.

Kitchen, 45, fooled BMZ Law, a Huntingdon firm, by forging a law license, bar exam results, an email showing she attended Duquesne University law school and a check for a state attorney registration fee, prosecutors said.

The James Creek resident handled estate planning for more than 30 clients despite never attending law school, and she even served as president of the county bar association for a time. She made partner at BMZ before the fraud was discovered.

The judge on the case was brought in from another county, and the state attorney general, not county prosecutors, handled the case because Kitchen had been a fixture in the county courthouse for years.

BMZ officials testified at her two-day trial, but haven’t commented publicly since issuing a statement in December 2014, when the Huntingdon Daily News first reported that Kitchen was being investigated.

“Sadly, it would appear that our firm was the last, in a long line of professionals, to have been deceived by Ms. Kitchen into believing she was licensed to practice law,” the firm said previously. “We are undertaking a thorough review of each and every file she may have handled.”

Defense attorney Caroline Roberto said Friday that she is reviewing whether to appeal. The judge didn’t immediately schedule sentencing, giving caseworkers 90 days to file a presentence report first.

“We think that she had no intent to defraud,” Roberto said.

She said there was no evidence Kitchen’s work was bad. “She provided a good service,” she said.

Kitchen hasn’t practiced law since the firm asked her to stop in December 2014.

Police: Upon Finding Fast-Food Restaurant Closed, Angry Man Smashes Car

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (AP) – Police in Massachusetts have charged a man they say got so angry when he found out that a fast-food restaurant was closed that he sped off in his car, crashed into a free-standing ATM building, and knocked himself unconscious.

Police say Derrick LaForest pulled up to the drive-thru in Pittsfield at 1:30 a.m. Thursday and when no one came to serve him, honked his horn for two minutes.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that after a worker told him the restaurant was closed, he tore away at high speed, struck a curb, lost control, and smashed into the building. He refused medical attention.

LaForest told police he didn’t remember hitting the building.

He has been released on $500 bail after pleading not guilty to reckless operation and vandalism.

Man Chooses to Wear ‘I Am a Thief’ Sign Over Going to Jail

GIRARD, Ohio (AP) – An Ohio man chose to wear a sign proclaiming he’s a thief rather than go to jail after trying to steal an electronic device.

Greg Davenport, of Liberty Township, pleaded no contest this month to a theft charge for stealing from a WalMart in the township in December.

A judge in Girard gave Davenport, 44, the sentencing option of 30 days in jail or wearing a sign saying, “I am a thief. I stole from WalMart.”

Davenport has to wear the sign in front of the store eight hours a day for 10 days of his choosing.

Police Chief Richard Tisone said he hopes the sign embarrasses Davenport enough to prevent him from committing the same crime again.

“Maybe you can get to their inner side. Maybe they’re a little embarrassed by the fact they have to hold a sign up, so it might affect some of these individuals, so I’m all for it,” he said.

Davenport said the sign is better than being in jail, and he just wants to finish his punishment. He said he isn’t embarrassed by the punishment.

“I stole, I got punished. That’s it,” he said.