The Odd Side – March 22, 2016

Cops Say They Cracked Case of Who Egged Home 100-Plus Times

EUCLID, Ohio (AP) – Police say they have finally cracked the case of who egged a Cleveland-area home more than 100 times over the course of a year.

A former neighbor, 30-year-old Jason Kozan, has been charged with feloniously vandalizing the Euclid home starting in May 2014 and ending in June 2015, according to court records.

Albert Clemens Sr. has said the attacks damaged his home and kept his family on edge.

The lengthy investigation included undercover stakeouts, neighborhood canvassing and testing of eggshells at a crime lab. A surveillance camera was also installed on Clemens’ home.

Clemens has said his home was egged several times a week. He told in March 2015 that whoever was responsible demonstrated “phenomenal” accuracy, launching five or six eggs at a time and often hitting the front door of the green, two-story home that he and his late wife bought nearly six decades ago. The after-dark attacks sometimes sounded like gunshots as eggs splattered on the aluminum siding, creating a residue that strips the paint, he said.

“I would live and die in this house — but it’s been kind of a nightmare,” Clemens said last year.

He used to clean up each time but stopped because it was happening so often. Clemens said his insurer wouldn’t settle a claim until police caught the vandal, so Clemens said he would wait until then to make repairs.

Detectives haven’t identified a motive for the eggings, Lt. Mike Knack said.

The eggings largely stopped once Kozan moved away.

“Somebody is deeply, deeply angry at somebody in that household for some reason,” Lt. Mitch Houser said earlier.

Kozan had no attorney on record with Euclid Municipal Court. His bond was set at $2,000.

Danes, Once Again, Take Top Spot In World Happiness Report

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Denmark, perhaps better known for its fierce marauding Vikings than being a nation of the happiest people, has just won that very accolade. Again.

Even Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have singled out the small Scandinavian country as an example of a happy, well-oiled society. The United Nations made it official: It found Danes to be the happiest people on Earth in a study of 156 countries.

Knud Christensen, a 39-year-old social worker, knows one reason why his compatriots are laid-back — they feel secure in a country with few natural disasters, little corruption and a near absence of drastic events.

“We have no worries,” Christensen said, smiling as he stood on a Copenhagen street near the capital’s City Hall. “And if we do worry, it’s about the weather. Will it rain today, or remain gray, or will it be cold?”

The Scandinavian nation of 5.6 million has held the happy title twice before since the world body started measuring happiness around the world in 2012

The United States was 13th place, two spots higher than the previous year.

London Jumper Leaps Safely Off EU’s Tallest Building

LONDON (AP) – Witnesses say a base jumper has safely parachuted from the European Union’s tallest building, the Shard in London, and evaded police by jumping on the subway.

Passers-by captured the stunt on social media. Video footage and photographs showed the man with a green chute deployed floating from the Shard onto a street near the London Bridge station.

They say the unidentified man folded his chute, handed it to an accomplice, and ran into the station minutes before police arrived.

It’s the first documented base jump since the 2012 completion of the Shard, a spire-shaped skyscraper that stands 95 stories and 1,016 feet (310 meters) high. Base jumpers did film themselves leaping from the structure when it was still under construction. The finished building has no external rooftop viewing platform.

Clerk Grabs Baby From Woman Before She Collapses in Store

ARVADA, Colo. (AP) – A convenience store clerk in suburban Denver was talking to a customer and smiling at her baby when she suddenly noticed the mother’s face glaze over.

When the woman didn’t respond, Rebecca Montano reached across the counter and grabbed one of the baby’s arms. She pulled the child into her arms right before the mother slumped backward and fell onto the floor.

Montano handed the baby to another customer so she could call 911 and check to make sure the mother kept breathing during the apparent seizure.

Montano says the woman returned to the store to thank her.

Montano says she hopes that if something like that ever happened to her, somebody would help her, too.

Dead Birds Found Along Michigan Railroad

SPRINGFIELD, Mich. (AP) – Dozens of dead birds have been found along railroad tracks in southern Michigan, and wildlife officials are trying to figure out what happened to them.

Some area residents estimated there could be as many as 300 carcasses stretching at least 200 yards along the tracks, the Battle Creek Enquirer reported. They were discovered in Springfield, southeast of Grand Rapids.

A Calhoun County official found 57 dead crows along the tracks, Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Tom Cooley told The Associated Press. Two birds were found to have fractures and may have been struck by a train, Cooley said.

The livers of the two birds brought to Lansing will be tested to see if pesticides played a role in their deaths.

Australia Opposition Confronts Government Over ‘Wasteful’ Wombat Diplomacy

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s opposition Labor Party accused the coalition government of over-lavish spending — including $400,000 on “koala and other marsupial-related events”.

“This government is obsessed with hugging koalas. We’ve had $400,000 which included (foreign minister) Julie Bishop paying $133,000 to fly four koalas to Singapore Zoo,” opposition minister Pat Conroy said outside parliament.

“She spent I think it was $130,000 taking diplomats to Western Australia where they hugged wombats for a change — so at least they changed up the marsupial.”

It was not immediately clear how the figures were reached.

Australia’s marsupials, including koalas and kangaroos, are a major tourist draw for the country.