The Odd Side – March 15, 2016

Reagan Airport Says 1 Person Filed 6,500 Noise Complaints

WASHINGTON (AP) – Out of the 8,670 noise complaints Washington’s Reagan National Airport received last year, officials say a whopping 6,500 of them came from the same person.

The Washington Post reports that officials at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority have said that one unidentified Washington resident was responsible for about three-quarters of last year’s noise complaints. That’s the equivalent of one person making about 18 calls every day of the year.

Ed Solomon, president of the D.C. Fair Skies Coalition, a group founded to raise awareness of the residents’ concerns, says he hopes news of this one person’s complaints doesn’t distract from his group’s argument that changes in flight patterns into and out of the airport have created serious noise problems that can’t be ignored.

Airport officials say they are working with residents to address the noise.

Woman, 93, Gets Diploma Once Denied Because She Was Married

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — A 93-year-old Ohio woman has received the high school diploma she was denied in 1942 because of rules that expelled married students.

Dorothy Liggett was a few weeks from graduation from Akron’s North High School when officials discovered she was married.

Akron Public Schools Superintendent David James hand-delivered the diploma to Liggett in a surprise ceremony Wednesday in suburban Fairlawn, The Akron Beacon Journal reporte.d

Liggett’s daughter Janice Larkin had written to James about her mother.

James said he read the letter and researched what happened.

“I felt terrible for the way Mrs. Liggett was treated all of those years ago and wanted to do what we could to make it up to her,” James said. “To have invested 13 years in school, to have been a good student and still not receive a diploma because of that was simply wrong.”

Liggett and her late husband, John Huston, had gotten married after he was called into the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. Huston had graduated from North High School two years earlier. The two had planned to have Liggett join her husband after she graduated.

During one school day, Liggett forgot her gym attire and the teacher told her to go to study hall. Liggett said she replied, “No, I’m married. I’m going home.”

The school then acted on its policy to ban married students.

Superintendent James said they felt Ligget’s birthday was the perfect occasion to make amends.

“While it may be an honor for Dorothy, for us it is a long overdue recognition,” James said.

Would-Be Robber Tries to Stick Up Cab With Deputy Behind Him

READING, Pa. (AP) – A would-be robber in Pennsylvania had some pretty poor timing when he pulled a gun on his taxi driver with a sheriff’s deputy behind him, police say.

A Berks County sheriff’s deputy approached the cab after it failed to move through a green light Monday afternoon in Reading.

Surveillance video from inside the cab, obtained by WFMZ, shows the deputy’s cruiser pulling up behind the Reading Metro taxi on a city street. Shortly after that, a passenger in the back seat wearing a white hoodie and a mask covering his face aims a gun at the driver through the partition.

“Give me all your money,” he yells, pointing the weapon, which turned out to be a pellet gun, at the driver’s head.

As the panicked driver tells him he has no money, he notices the deputy approaching the cab.

“There’s a cop behind us,” the driver says.

The robber apparently tries to get out of the taxi and run as Deputy Terry Ely asks if there’s a problem. Seeing the gun, Ely draws his firearm and orders the suspect out of the taxi, and then calls for backup.

The cab driver can be heard telling Ely, “You’re a lifesaver.”

Transit Worker Finds Bag With $15K in Cash in Middle of Road

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (AP) – A suburban Philadelphia transit worker has found a bag loaded with more than $15,000 in the middle of a road and turned it in to police.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Bob Tracey was driving home from work Monday night when he spotted the black bag.

Tracey says he thought it was a purse. But when he opened it, he saw dozens of crisp $100 and $20 bills.

The 61-year-old Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority worker immediately called police.

Upper Darby Superintendent of Police Michael Chitwood says “to turn that kind of cash in” makes Tracey “truly a good [person].”

It’s unclear who lost the money.

Tracey says his wife assured him he did the right thing, even though he was $15,000 richer “for about a half hour.”

Lost Goldfish Case in Norway Closer to Being Solved

HELSINKI (AP) – Norwegian police have bigger fish to fry so they’ve allowed a fellow officer to take home a goldfish that had been waiting for its rightful owner in a jam jar at the local police station.

Bodo Police spokesman Tommy Bech says investigators “were very close to solving” the case of the lost goldfish, found abandoned Saturday in a shopping bag at a soccer stadium in the northwestern town.

Officers had felt it their duty to look after the fish until the owner was found, Bech said Monday. He said the fish had been “well looked after.”

Bech said that Bodo police were now focusing on other issues and declined to give further details about the goldfish.

Dog Pops Up in Driver’s Seat When Semi Crashes in Minnesota

MANKATO, Minn. (AP) – One dog apparently has learned a new trick: how to drive a semi-truck.

Customers at a Minnesota gas station saw a golden Labrador retriever appear to drive the semi across a road Friday.

Mankato police say the idling truck apparently was put into gear, then went through a parking lot, across the street and over a curb.

The Free Press of Mankato reports a passer-by discovered the dog sitting in the driver’s seat when he jumped into the truck to stop it.

David Stegora was at the store when he heard the truck smash into a tree and a parked car. He couldn’t see the driver, but saw the dog climb up near the driver’s side.

Police say the truck was taken off the road. The driver had left the unoccupied truck running in a nearby parking lot.