The Odd Side – June 20, 2017

Grand Theft Avocado: Three Arrested in $300K California Theft

OXNARD, Calif. (AP) – Police are calling it grand theft avocado.

Three produce company workers have been arrested in the theft of up to $300,000 worth of avocados, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

Thirty-eight-year-old Joseph Valenzuela, 28-year-old Carlos Chavez and 30-year-old Rahim Leblanc were each charged with grand theft of fruit and were being held in jail on bail of $250,000 each. They were arrested Wednesday.

It was unclear whether they have attorneys.

Detectives began investigating the suspects in May after receiving a tip that they were conducting unauthorized cash sales of avocados from a ripening facility in the city of Oxnard owned by the Mission Produce company.

The company estimated the avocado loss at about $300,000, the sheriff’s office said.

“We take these kinds of thefts seriously. It’s a big product here and in California,” sheriff’s Sgt. John Franchi told the Los Angeles Times. “Everybody loves avocados.”

Pet Squirrel That Foiled Idaho Home Burglary Returns to Wild

BOISE, Idaho (AP) – A pet squirrel named Joey who gained fame as a crime-fighter has gone back to living in the wild.

Police credit Joey with scaring off a burglar trying to break into a safe at his home in Meridian, Idaho.

Joey made headlines in February after police went to the home of Adam and Carmen Pearl to investigate a burglary. Police later nabbed a teen burglary suspect with items from Pearl’s home and scratches on his hands. The teen told police a squirrel attacked him.

Joey had been abandoned after being born and would have died if the Pearls hadn’t taken him in. Under their care, Joey thrived, and soon had the run of the house, delighting the family with his antics.

About a month ago, Pearl left a sliding door open after Joey seemed extra rambunctious. Joey eventually ventured out, played with wild squirrels during the day and returned to his bed inside at night.

On June 4, he climbed on Adam’s shoulder, where he stayed for several minutes before disappearing into an apple tree.

“I think that was his goodbye, looking back on it,” Adam Pearl said.

“Hopefully, he doesn’t bring any little Joeys into the house,” he said.

Alarm Clock Dropped Inside Wall Goes Off Daily for 13 Years

ROSS, Pa. (AP) – A Pennsylvania homeowner is reminded once a day that he wasn’t as clever as he hoped.

Jerry Lynn tells KDKA that an alarm clock he lost inside the wall of his home rings at 7:50 p.m. each day — during Daylight Savings Time — and at 6:50 p.m. otherwise.

Lynn says he tied the clock to a string in September 2004 and lowered it into the wall through a vent in his Ross Township home. Lynn set the alarm hoping noise would help him drill a hole in the right spot through which to pass a cable. But the battery-operated clock fell off the string and has stayed inside the wall ever since.

Lynn has been unable to retrieve the clock and figured the battery would eventually die.

So far, it hasn’t.