The Odd Side – July 26, 2016

Man Lassoes Bear With Head Stuck in Big Plastic Container&

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) – A Colorado bed and breakfast owner armed with just a length of rope helped save a black bear with a giant plastic container stuck on its head.

Jim Hawkins got his lasso around the animal’s midsection on the first throw. He said Thursday that he and the bear “did a rodeo thing for a while” before the animal figured out that Hawkins was the reason it couldn’t run away.

That’s when the bear went after Hawkins, leaving him with scrapes and a wound that needed stitches. It then scrambled up a tree, remaining there until officials arrived.

Carbondale District Wildlife Officer John Groves tells the Post Independent newspaper that officials tranquilized the bear and cut the container off its head. It was released in the mountains and is expected to survive.

Band of Monkeys Raids Thai Polling Place, Tears Up Voter Lists&

BANGKOK (AP) – Election officials in northern Thailand think they can buy off a gang of monkey vandals with fresh fruit and vegetables, after about 100 macaques tore up voter lists publicly posted ahead of next month’s referendum on a proposed constitution.

District official Surachai Maneeprakorn said a large population of the monkeys lives behind the polling station they raided Sunday, which is set up in an open hall.

“For some reason they were being very naughty and started tearing up the lists,” he said.

Local officials brought the animals food, and hope that if that does not deter them, then newly installed sliding glass doors protecting the reposted lists might, said Phichit district election official Prayoon Jakkraphatcharakul.

“The glass cases should deter the monkeys, but if they’re smart enough to find a way to open the glass door, that will be problematic,” said Prayoon. “There were only a couple of lists left on the board by the time the police got there. Some of the monkeys were still even holding onto the papers.”

Prayoon speculated that the pink color of the voter lists for the Aug. 7 referendum might have attracted the animals. He said that the site had been a polling station for many previous national elections without voters encountering any interference from long-tailed neighbors.

Two 8-year-old girls in the northern province of Kamphaeng Phet were charged last week with obstructing the referendum process and destroying public property when they tore down voter lists because they, too, liked the pink paper on which they were printed.

The two girls will not face any punishment due to their age, but will carry a criminal record for their offenses.

The junta has faced increasing criticism in the past months for intimidating those opposed to the draft constitution and for the content of the proposed charter, which some consider undemocratic, such as an appointed rather than elected Senate.