Odd Side – July 23, 2019

Sweet Spot: Officer Craving Ice Cream Nabs Gun Suspect

NEW YORK (AP) – A police officer’s craving for cake batter ice cream put him and his colleagues in the right place to take action at a Baskin-Robbins shop in New York City.

Police say three officers were at the shop in Coney Island, Brooklyn, while on-duty when Emmanuel Lovett walked in, tugged his denim shorts and dropped a pistol to the floor.

The officers swarmed and arrested the 33-year-old man. Police say his robbery record prohibited him from having a gun. He’s charged with criminal possession of a firearm.

Man Accused of Forging Police Report as Late for Work Excuse

LISBON, N.H. (AP) – A man accused of forging a police report to back up his bogus story that he used as an excuse to his boss is facing real charges in New Hampshire.

The Caledonian-Record reports that 51-year-old Paul Neilson was charged last week with forgery, a felony punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Police say the Lisbon man told his boss he was late to work at a construction company March 11 because a Lisbon officer gave him a warning about his expired car registration.

When his boss got suspicious, police say Neilson gave him a report purportedly from the officer with a detailed description of their interaction.

The boss contacted police, who said they had not had any contact with Neilson that day nor written the report.

California Man Returns Hawaii Library Book After 47 Years

HONOLULU (AP) – A California man who borrowed a cookbook from a Honolulu library has returned it after nearly five decades.

Hawaii News Now reports Patrick Powers delivered the Hawaii Cooks book to the Waikiki-Kapahulu Public Library last week while on vacation in the state.

Powers says he found the book last year in a storage box and decided it was finally time to return it.

He borrowed the book 47 years ago while living in Hawaii. It traveled with him when he later moved to California.

Powers handed the book over with a letter explaining what happened. He also gave the library a newer copy to replace his old, damaged one.

He expected to pay a hefty fine but there was no penalty.

“The librarian was so nice,” he said.

Police Arrest Man Accused of Stealing 26 Street Signs

GEORGIA, Vt. (AP) – Deputies have arrested a Vermont man who is accused of stealing more than two dozen street signs.

Mynbc.com reports that 19-year-old Joshua Hanselman has been charged with larceny and unlawful mischief after acknowledging that he and others stole the 26 street signs.

Hanselman told deputies the group stole the signs so they could display them in their homes.

The Franklin County sheriff’s office is working with the office of the state’s attorney to determine if other charges will be filed.