The Odd Side – July 17, 2018

State Board to Consider Changing Mountain’s Made-Up Name

WINDSOR, Vt. (AP) – A Vermont state board plans to hear a man’s request to change the name of Mount Ascutney because it’s a made-up name.

Hartland resident Rob Hutchins says he recently discovered the name Ascutney is made up and the original name of the summit was Kaskadenak, which means “wide mountain” in the Abenaki language.

Hutchins tells Vermont Public Radio he always thought the mountain’s name was a Native American name but the current name doesn’t actually have meaning.

Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation Chief Paul Bunnell worked with Hutchins to help track down the proper spelling and pronunciation of Kaskadenak.

The State of Vermont Board of Libraries has statutory authority to rename mountains and has scheduled a special hearing on July 17 to consider the name change.

German Town to Hold Lottery for Coveted Graveyard Plots

BERLIN (AP) – Graveyard plots in Berchtesgaden are in high demand.

German news agency dpa reported Saturday that the picturesque town in the Bavarian Alps is now taking the unusual step of holding a lottery for vacant spaces in its cemetery.

For years, authorities had to turn down applicants hoping to secure a final resting place in the 17th-century graveyard due to lack of space.

With 200 new plots being created from unused spaces, the town has decided to stage a lottery to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of getting a place in the cemetery.

About 280 people have applied.

Black Bear Noshes on Lunch Inside Surprised Woman’s Minivan

ATLANTA (AP) – Bears don’t usually pack a lunch, but they’ll be happy to eat whatever someone else has prepared.

WSB reports that Carrie Watts of Rabun County found a large black bear enjoying her sandwich, chips and a cookie inside her minivan after climbing through an open window.

Watts had left the windows down Wednesday to combat the summer heat. She initially thought the bear was a black cat.

She says the bear spent about 30 minutes in the minivan before it climbed back out the window and scaled a tree.

Watts said lunch wasn’t the only thing the bear demolished; it also destroyed her child’s car seat and shredded some paperwork.

Man Smashes Through Grocery Store Ceiling, Twice

DOVER, N.H. (AP) – Police say a man fell through the ceiling of a New Hampshire supermarket, twice.

Authorities say officers were responding to the scene of a bank robbery in Dover Thursday afternoon when they heard a commotion at the nearby Shaw’s supermarket.

Police say they found a 30-year-old man’s legs hanging above the store’s seafood and deli section. Officers cleared the store, and the man partially fell through the ceiling again above the store’s refrigerated meats.

Police eventually convinced the man to come down, and he was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, trespassing and resisting arrest.

It is unclear how the man got into the ceiling.

Police say they arrested a different man in connection with the bank robbery later that evening.

Lamborghini Destroyed in Missouri Gas Station Mishap

KIRKWOOD, Mo. (AP) – Authorities say a Lamborghini erupted in flames at a suburban St. Louis gas station after a minivan driver pulled away from a gas pump with the nozzle still attached.

Kirkwood Police Det. Bob Bruhy says a valve is supposed to shut off when that happens, but instead fuel sprayed into the Huracan Performante’s engine, causing the blue Italian supercar to ignite Saturday. He says it was “completely an accident” and no one was charged.

Parker Gelber wrote in a social media post that he was driving a red Lamborghini and his friend a blue one when they stopped for gas. His friend was getting water when the fire started.