The Odd Side – December 13, 2016

Signs to Mark Eastern And Western Ends of Longest U.S. Road

BOSTON (AP)Signs marking the eastern and western ends of the longest continuous road in the U.S. are being unveiled on both coasts.

Historic U.S. Route 20 runs between Boston and Newport, Oregon.

Massachusetts highway officials plan to install a mileage sign on the eastern end of the road in Boston’s Kenmore Square. The sign will inform motorists that Newport, Oregon, is a mere 3,365 miles away on Route 20 westbound.

A similar sign will go up in Newport marking the same distance, 3,365 miles, to Boston should drivers want to travel the entire way eastbound on Route 20.

The road passes through 12 states on its path between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

‘Seeing Eye Camel’ Acts as Guide For Blind Horse at Zoo

WINSLOW, Maine (AP) – A horse and a camel at a Maine petting zoo have formed an unlikely friendship. The 5-year-old camel, Caesar, at the Pony X-Press Zoo in Winslow has become a guide for Dolly the horse, who is blind.

The zoo’s Ed Papsis tells station WGME that Dolly’s probably the only horse with “a seeing-eye camel.” He says Caesar needed the company of another animal and Dolly needed a guide, so the two were put together and they bonded. Dolly relies on the camel and follows him around. She whinnies for him if he’s not nearby and he bellows back for her.

Cheers Greet British Veteran, 89, As He Starts His New Job

LONDON (AP)An 89-year-old army veteran who made national headlines in Britain with a newspaper ad seeking work has started his new job.

The Cantina Kitchen in the seaside town of Paignton in southwestern England announced that Joe Bartley was starting work Sunday.

The widower, whose wife died two years ago, placed the ad because he was “dying of boredom.” He says his building has a community area but “not a soul comes in,” and when he returns home, there’s “nobody to talk to.”

The local cafe made him an offer and the Herald Express newspaper posted a video of Bartley walking in to applause.

$1,000 Reward for Catching Ugly Fish From Wyoming Reservoir

GREEN RIVER, Wyo. (AP) – A $1,000 reward has been posted for catching an ugly fish out of Fontenelle Reservoir in western Wyoming.

The fish are called burbot and they’re not native to the upper Green River drainage. Burbot compete with native game species, including trout.

Burbot are eel-like, but said to be good eating despite their appearance.

Getting more people to fish for burbot is one way to reduce their numbers, so Game and Fish and Trout Unlimited are sponsoring a burbot raffle. Game and Fish has caught 25 burbot and tagged them with raffle tags.

The Rock Springs Rocket-Miner reports anybody who catches a tagged burbot from Fontenelle may enter a raffle to win a $1,000 grand prize.

The drawing will take place at a burbot fishing rally at Fontenelle Jan. 7–8.

Extreme Wyoming Cold Frosts Even Moscow Ballet

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) – It got so cold in Wyoming, even the Moscow Ballet couldn’t move.

The traveling ballet group couldn’t start their buses Thursday morning in Casper.

The temperature in the central Wyoming city plunged to 31 degrees below zero overnight.

Moscow Ballet spokeswoman Sally Michael Keyes says the group’s bus and equipment trucks had to be defrosted over several hours.

The delay and worries about driving over snowy passes in Colorado prompted the troupe to cancel a performance Thursday night in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The ballet’s home town of Moscow is no stranger to cold and snow, but even Moscow’s recent low of 18 degrees wasn’t nearly as cold as Casper.

The Moscow Ballet made plans to perform over the weekend in Denver.