The Odd Side – August 9, 2016

Chinese Tourist Loses Wallet, Ends Up in Refugee Home

BERLIN (AP) – A Chinese tourist who lost his wallet in Germany signed the wrong paperwork and ended up being placed in a refugee home.

Christoph Schluetermann, an official with the German Red Cross, which runs the home, told news agency dpa on Monday that the man “set machinery in motion that he couldn’t get out of.”

The man’s troubles started in July when he lost his wallet after arriving in the city of Stuttgart.

Officials have figured out that, instead of going to police to file a stolen goods report, he somehow ended up at an authority that presented him with an asylum application.

From there, he was sent to Dortmund in northwestern Germany and on to the refugee home in Duelmen.

“He simply did what he was told,” Schluetermann said.

Schluetermann said he quickly noticed the man because “he was different from the others — very, very helpless.”

With help from a translation app and then from a translator at a Chinese restaurant, it became clear that the man wanted to travel on to France and Italy, not seek asylum.

It took German officials 12 days to put the story together and send the 31-year-old tourist on his way, Schluetermann said.

Prosthetic Leg Found in Beaver Dam, Returned to Owner

WABENO, Wis. (AP) – A Wisconsin man has his prosthetic leg back after the lost limb was discovered by two canoers. It was sticking out of a beaver dam.

Elliot Fuller and Jason Franklin spotted the leg while paddling between a pair of lakes near Wabeno in Forest County Thursday, the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reported.

Fuller said, “We thought it was real at first until we got a closer look.”

A quick search online yielded an ad from Mark Warner, who lost the prosthetic limb when his own canoe tipped over during a July fishing trip on Range Line Lake in Wabeno.

“I wasn’t overly worried about it because I use my older model for fishing and hunting,” Warner said. “It wasn’t my ‘everyday leg,’ to put it that way.”

Fuller and Franklin found the limb three miles from where Warner lost it. They returned it to Warner on Friday, netting a $50 reward for its safe return.

“Just did what I thought was right,” Franklin said. “I hope that if I lost my leg that someone would return it to me, too.”

Warner said he was sure it was gone. “I really didn’t expect to see it again. On my end, it’s pretty amazing and it’s pretty bizarre where it ended up,” Warner said.

‘Miracles Can Happen’: Ring Recovered in Lake Michigan

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (AP) – Jamie Kennedy needs to make room for another wedding guest: the man who found her engagement ring in the bottom of Lake Michigan.

John Dudley, the president of a metal detector club in western Michigan, fought strong waves and scooped up the ring after getting a signal.

The discovery was made in late July, two days after Kennedy lost the ring while trying to wash sand off her fingers at the beach in South Haven. She says she was “sad, sick and disappointed.”

Station WZZM reports that Dudley made his skills known to Kennedy, a Decatur resident, and offered to try to find the ring.

Kennedy says she was ecstatic when Dudley gave her a thumbs-up to indicate that he had found it.

She says “miracles can happen.”