Mishmeres HaSholom: Ask the Rav

Q: A doctor sent me for a battery of tests; however, after receiving the prescribed treatment there was no marked improvement. I visited a specialist who, upon seeing the test results, asked in astonishment, “Who is your doctor? Didn’t he tell you about ‘such and such’ problem?”

I couldn’t remember the doctor’s name at that moment (and I told him so), but the doctor insisted that I disclose the name. I have another appointment, and would like to know what to answer if he asks me again?

A: According to the details given above, it does not seem that any to’eles would come from divulging the name of the first doctor, especially since a doctor is human, can make mistakes and should not be judged on account of one story. In light of the above, there is no heter to reveal the name to the senior doctor.


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