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Q: A classmate of mine has lately become friendly with a girl who I am familiar with. Since I am aware that the latter is not doing well, I am worried that this friendship will drag my classmate down. I could approach her on my own and divulge the negative information about her new friend, but I am wary of the machlokes that could likely develop if my classmate passes on to her friend what I said about her. What should I do?

A: If it is very likely that the friendship between the two will cause your friend spiritual harm, you should explain to her that this friend can have a negative influence on her. If necessary, get in touch with her parents and warn them of the dangers involved. Obviously, you should warn your friend not to repeat any of the information to her new friend, because in thus doing she will be guilty of serious issurim of rechilus, and other transgressions.

Being that it is a spiritual matter at stake (and not financial or something else), and you will do all that is in your power not to cause machlokes and friction, you may warn your friend, without being concerned that she will pass on the information to that girl.


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