Mishmeres HaSholom: Ask the Rav

Q: In my efforts to help my divorced niece find a suitable shidduch, I spoke to an acquaintance who I thought could be of assistance. Her first question was, “Who was at fault in the divorce?” I’m sure that whoever I approach will ask the same question. How should I respond in the future if, in our family, the consensus is that her ex-husband was at fault, and not my niece?

A: If your niece wasn’t at fault in the divorce, you may say so, l’to’eles. You may add that you can’t discuss the details, and that you’re not one to judge what really happened. In many cases, the prime explanation for divorce is the lack of suitability as a couple, and both parties do well in second marriages.

The questions and answers above were taken from the Mishmeres Hasholom pamphlet in Israel. For details and inquiries please e-mail us at office@hasholom.org or call 972-2 5379160.

The views expressed are of the individual author. Readers are encouraged to consult their own posek for guidance.

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