Minute 795: Worth Something

“I think you’re being too hard on yourself,” Mom said. “The score isn’t what you would have liked, but you did try your best and that’s worth a lot.”

“In today’s world, people only care about what you’ve done, not how hard you try,” Becky responded.

“I think you have many good qualities,” Mom said. “I’d really like for you to get past this and move on.”

“Maybe you’re right, but right now I don’t feel so smart,” Becky said. “Perhaps a good night’s sleep and a bright new day will get me back on track. Good night, Mom. Thanks for caring.”

It’s important for a person to see one’s own faults so that one may work on oneself to improve, but it is equally important for an individual to recognize one’s good qualities and maintain self-esteem. The command to love another is called ahavat Yisrael and everyone should include oneself in “Yisrael.” At the same time one is respecting others, one must not lose sight of one’s own value. When looking at another, one should see the image of our Maker Who gives every person unimaginable wealth. When assessing oneself, a person should keep in mind that s/he too was created in Hashem’s image and is one of the crowns in His Creation.

Everyone has a unique mission in one’s service to Hashem and was given the tools to perform one’s job. One is expected to serve Hashem to the best of one’s ability, not anyone else’s. No one else was designated for the same mission and no one else can do it. See yourself as one uniquely capable to fulfill your task. That’s worth a lot.

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

“One who listens to advice is wise, and salvation comes with abundant counsel” (Mishlei 12:15 and 11:14). How good it is that a person have a close friend … who will guide him, so that he will not rely on his own understanding … However, this individual must be a beloved and trusted friend … There is no more beloved and trusted advisor to a man than his wife … Nonetheless, it is better that a person go to a sage and gain from him guidance and counsel. (Rabbi Eliezer Papo, Pele Yoetz, “Eitzah”)


Rabbi Raymond Beyda serves in the Sephardic Community in Brooklyn, N.Y. He lectures to audiences all over the world. He has distributed over 500,000 recorded lessons free of charge. He is author of the book 1 Minute With Yourself: A Minute a Day to Self-Improvement, Sephardic Press, 2008.