Minute #623: How Much Time?

Walking home from camp on an unusually cool summer afternoon, Suri asked Levanah, “How many days left to the first day of school?”

“Twenty-one,” Levanah quickly answered. “I’ve already started stocking up on school supplies.”

“I try and avoid that for as long as possible,” Suri said. “It’s something I push out of my mind, even though it’s inevitable. I feel like once I start to prepare for school, my summer is over.”

“We may be the best of friends, but unlike you, I could never take a chance on being unprepared!” Levanah said.

There are those who are always first to prepare when they become aware of an upcoming event, yet the great majority of people procrastinate. Their taxes are filed on the April 15 deadline, High Holy Day synagogue reservations are made at the last possible moment and other “must do” activities are pushed off until there is no more room for delay.

How many days are left before Rosh Hashanah? Some know exactly and some must take out a calendar — but the day is coming. Knowing the great importance of the Heavenly decisions that will be made on that day should prompt all to prepare for a positive outcome. Even more so, everyone should be working to maximize the good that’s available and do what it takes to merit blessings and good life in the year to come.

It’s not a question of how much time is left to the Day of Judgment for all; it’s a question of how are you going to use the time that’s left. Tomorrow there will be one fewer day left to complete the task at hand. Start today!

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

Regardless of how you have viewed events in the past, you have the ability to learn to view things with a calm and peaceful attitude. Instead of looking at events and situations as overwhelming, you can look at them as interesting and challenging experiences. Give up your demands of how you would have liked anything to be and deal with what actually is. (Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Gateway to Happiness, p. 89)