Minute #581: Watery

Most of the world’s surface consists of water. Produce grows to feed man and beast by means of the natural irrigation system called “rain.” On a hot summer day there is hardly anything that can compare to diving into a cool pool of water. After a hard workout, a drink of cold H2O restores life to a worn-out body. One of the first tests administered in a hospital emergency room is to determine whether or not the body is properly hydrated. Truly essential and one of the wonders of the Creation is the element which is clear and almost tasteless — water.

Our Sages teach that “there is no water but Torah” (Bava Kama 17a). Throughout Torah literature, comparisons are made between water and Torah. For example we are taught that water seeks the lowest level and Torah gravitates to those who are humble. Sometimes when it rains, fish jump out of the water to grab a few drops even though they have plenty of water in the river. The Rabbis say that this shows they love water so much that they can’t get enough. So, too, the Jew loves Torah and will never be satisfied, always running to hear novel insights that the Torah offers.

But there is more to it than that! The human body is made up of about two-thirds water. If the water were removed, hardly anything would be left. Eyes,nose, ears, heart and brain are basically formed of water. Amazing! When the Talmud says “There is no water except Torah,” it is teaching that our essence is Torah and our substance is Torah. The Jewish people are one with the Torah. It is our most valuable asset.

Make acquisition of more Torah your priority every day. Where there is Torah there is life.

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

You won’t always be able to solve everyone’s problems. You can’t always figure out the best solution. Your knowledge and resources might not enable you to meet all this person’s needs. But you can always pray. (Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Kindness, p. 102)